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Our programs provide enriching activities for your child in a nurturing and loving atmosphere. - Michael Richard


Parent partnerships begin in our Infant rooms, where our dedicated caregivers partner with you to create an individualized care plan for your child. Every aspect of your child's care, from feeding schedules to sleep routines, is based on your preferences, in an effort to make our program your home away from home.

Families enrolled in our Infant programs can expect a secure, nurturing, and age-appropriate environment. In addition to being clean and secure, our Infant classrooms are carefully designed to be aesthetically pleasing and feel like home – we want your child to immediately feel comfortable in his surroundings.

Our teaching team truly considers caring for each infant to be a privilege and has great respect for the parent partnership. They work hard to develop an individualized routine that works well for each child, to respond promptly to the infants' changing needs, and to keep parents informed every step of the way. Parents are also encouraged to call daily and visit whenever possible. We hope you'll take advantage of web camera internet viewing as well.